Last week I asked you guys on instagram if you’d be interested in a bag review of my Chloé Faye Mini Leather Bag. A lot of you said yes and here we go. I tell you about the pros and cons and the details about this wallet on a strap.

First things first – this little thing is not for you if you like to carry around half of your home with you. This bag is for those moments on the go – when you quickly need to run some errands, for nights out when you’re having drinks or dinner, for a stroll through the park on Sunday afternoon. And that was what I was looking for. I didn’t want to have an expensive bag with me all the time wherever I go AND I’m obsessed with mini bags. I don’t know what it is but I’m always attracted to the mini versions of designer hand bags.  (thinking about THE CHANEL WOC – Wallet On Chain …but this will probably forever be a dream!)

But you can fit a lot of stuff in this little bad boy – surprisingly. It fits my iPhone 7, credit cards, cash, blot powder, lipstick, brow gel and my keys (without a keychain obviously). I don’t need more when running errands or having drinks at a bar. For a day at work it´s obviously not the one.

The Pros:

+ chic and elegant because of the suede leather and the gold/silver chain detailing

+ perfect for on the go

+ fits all the important things (yes, brow gel is important!)

+ it´s a modern classic and will always be a classic

+ goes with most of the outfit combinations

The Cons:

– expensive (especially compared to the size)

– very sensitive material (real leather!!!)

– not for everyday

– not for people who like to carry around a lot of stuff


For me, it´s the perfect handbag. I’m a mini hand bag lover and I like to just grab a bag and go. I like how classic and sophisticated it looks and I know I´ll still be loving it two years from now.



  1. Ahh, I’ve been eyeing this bag for a while now but keep backing out because I’m so afraid of how small it might be in real life! I think this post totally sold me on it 😉 xx

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